Membership Benefits




Membership Benefits

We offer a monthly membership for our loyal clients that include extra discounts all year long! 

1) Gold Membership

For only $80 each month, you can become a Gangnam Member, with all the following benefits:
 * 60-minute Facial every month
* Occasional special promotions
* 10% off all retail products

2) VIP Member

For $120 each month, with all the following benefits:
 * 90-minute Relaxation Facial every month
* Occasional special promotions.
* 10% off all retail products.

3) Platinum Member

For $199 each month, with all the following benefits:
 * 90-minute Relaxation Facial and 60min Scalp Facial Massage every month (If booking both on the same day, advanced notice is required prior to appointment for timing purposes)
* Courtesy 15min session for Fat Slimming cavitation during monthly facials. THESE SESSIONS CANNOT BE COMBINED FOR A FULL SESSION and advance notice is required prior to appointment for timing purposes.
* Occasional special promotions
* 10% off all retail products

How to become a member?

*If you come more than twice a month or whenever youbdo not have credit to cover your treatment, you will have to pay out of pocket at regular pricing
*You just need to book your appointment when you call in and let us know that you want to become a member.
* We will need your ID, credit card, address, and phone number.
* All the credit that you don’t use will roll over to the next month so you can save for a big treatment.
* You can cancel the membership after 6 months if you notify us, or it will continue. 2 weeks notice is required for cancellation.
* You must use all the credits you have left prior to canceling the membership otherwise you will lose all the credit.